Conferences and Student Retreats

We help you train your presentations skills and build interdisciplinary connections and collaborations

Conference participation
Doctoral students are required to present a poster or give a talk during their doctorate. Adequate occasions to perform these presentations are international scientific conferences in their field of study.

BIGS Clinical and Population Science Student Retreat
BIGS Clinical and Population Science performs an annual student retreat, which is a great opportunity for students to get feedback on their research, discover more about the different projects going on in Bonn and spark fiery scientific debates with other PhD students. In addition, it gives new PhD students the chance to connect with our advanced PhD students.

BIGS Clinical and Population Science student council organizes the annual student retreat. The next retreat will take place on November 4th & 5th, 2024 at the Youth Hostel Leutesdorf am Rhein.

Further information on the annual retreat is available in the Events and News section.