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Our research environment is highly collaborative with more than 20 participating research groups employing interdisciplinary approaches. In this world-class research environment, our PhD students work with excellent scientists on highly relevant projects, learning the latest techniques from genetics, imaging, and biostatistics. Our PhD students have the opportunity to conduct thesis research on diverse projects such as the Rhineland Study, the DELCODE cohort of people with subjective cognitive decline, the Spinocerebellar Ataxia study ESMI, or the DietBB Competence Cluster in Nutrition Research.

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Successful research depends on the availability of and the access to advanced technologies. From sequencing and other -omics technologies over bioinformatics to advanced microscopy techniques for 3D rendering of neural circuits, the teams in the medical faculty Core Facilities within the Bonn Technology Campus Life Sciences offer state of the art equipment, and operational teams with outstanding expertise and willingness to develop novel approaches. The central goal of the Bonn Technology Campus Life Sciences is to enable our scientists to approach research efficiently, with the most appropriate and advanced technologies.

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