The Glass Ceiling in Science: Breaking down Barriers Together

Numerous studies show that the barriers to women in science are many, and it is clear we need positive action to create any true changes. Most importantly, we need support and collaboration across genders and career levels.

Join our online discussion panel ‘The Glass Ceiling in Science: Breaking down Barriers Together’ on March 16th with inspirational women in science, focusing on how we overcome barriers for women in the field. We will finish the meeting with breakout sessions, where attendees will get the chance for a more informal ‘Q and A’ session with our panellists, discussing how mentorship and leadership can be a key to reaching gender parity.

We invite everyone to register their attendance via the link:

We look forward to you joining us!

Dimitra Lountzi (Doctoral researcher, DZNE)

Barbara Schaffran (Doctoral researcher, DZNE)

Dr. Emily Handley (Post-doctoral researcher, DZNE)

Supported by the DZNE Career Centre (Dr. Sabrina Lehner and Dr Silke Thul).”